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From Zero to NVMM … 2f296.html

NVMM provides the infrastructure needed for both the kernel driver and the userland emulators.

The kernel NVMM driver comes as a kernel module that can be dynamically loaded into the kernel. It is made of a generic machine-independent frontend, and of several machine-dependent backends. In practice, it means that NVMM is not specific to x86, and could support ARM 64bit for example. During initialization, NVMM selects the appropriate backend for the system. The frontend handles everything that is not CPU-specific: the virtual machines, the virtual CPUs, the guest physical address spaces, and so forth. The frontend also has an IOCTL interface, that a userland emulator can use to communicate with the driver.

When it comes to the userland emulators, NVMM does not provide one. In other words, it does not re-implement a Qemu, a VirtualBox, a Bhyve (FreeBSD) or a VMD (OpenBSD). Rather, it provides a virtualization API via the libnvmm library, which allows to effortlessly add NVMM support in already existing emulators. This API is meant to be simple and straightforward, and is fully documented. It has some similarities with WHPX on Windows and HVF on MacOS.


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