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#1 2020-03-04 14:25:46

Windows 7Opera 65.0

NetBSD on EdgeRouter ERLite-3 ( MIPS64) … edgerouter

This is probably the cheapest MIPS64 hardware currently available. It is in-store at many customer electronics shops all over the world.

The ERLite-3 uses a big-endian dual-core octeon chipset, has external serial console (via a cisco console cable) and three gigE ethernet ports. It also features an internal (built in) USB hard disk. It can be configured to boot the NetBSD kernel from that usb disk, or load it via tftp from another server. But booting from internal "disk" plus multiple gigE ports makes it an ideal device for a NetBSD based home or small office firewall, DNS cache, DHCP server setup.

From the NetBSD point of view this device is as plug&play as you can get. Connect the serial console cable, reboot it, press Ctrl-C during early boot and get to the u-boot prompt.


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